Christy Presler

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Web Designer and Front-End Developer

Passionate About Creative Problem Solving, and User Experience

I build user focused products by combining best practices in development, design, and user experience.

5 Reasons to add me to your team

  1. 1.
    I am passionate about responsive design and mobile-first principles.
    I believe in creating flexible designs that adapt to devices and contexts to best meet the needs of the user. (This page is fully responsive, feel free to take a look on your phone)

  2. 2.
    I design and build with the user in mind.
    I believe that understanding as much as possible about the end-user is key to the success of any product. I enjoy solving problems for real people, and that starts with understanding people and the issues they are facing.

  3. 3.
    I speak the languages of design and development.
    As a developer who also loves design, I can work and communicate effectively with a wide range of people on a variety of different projects. I've worked on everything from API integrations and form validations to brand design.

  4. 4.
    I am an adamant team player.
    I enjoy working independently and with a team. I have found that collaborating on tough challenges allows each team member to use their strengths to generate the best possible solution.

  5. 5.
    I like challenges.
    I am passionate about learning new skills, building great experiences, pushing my own limits, and discovering new possibilities. I love solving difficult problems, and the things that I learn along the way.

Selected Projects

WCNY Donation Form

WCNY Donation Form

I redesigned and rebuilt WCNY's primary donation form to improve usability and expand functionality to include new member benefit options.

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The default form provides suggests giving levels, and dynamically updates your level based on your gift, while also providing you the option to choose additional member benefits at certain levels.

For members, I created a login option by incorporating a member data API. This allows the form to return your current giving level, and adjust the amounts required to upgrade to each level based on your current gift. It also makes completing the form simpler by auto filling the basic billing information.

This project created some very interesting challenges because this payment gateway is hosted by BluePay for security reasons, and as a result I had no option of generating any functionality server-side. Also with so much logic hinging on my calculations, I had to be very careful that my Javascript returned appropriately rounded and accurate numbers.

In addition to the challenges posed by no server access, BluePay hosted forms only accept a specific set of data points, which do not generally include things like extra benefit choices, or specified giving levels. Therefore, I had to make sure that all data submitted by the form was consolidated down into the acceptable data points in order to avoid an error. I managed this by dynamically updating the values of those data elements based on user choices and then disabling all other data inputs before submitting the form.

WCNY Donation Form New Members
WCNY Donation Form Member Login
WCNY Donation Form Logged in Member

WCNY Activation Code Lookup

WCNY Activation Code Lookup

I expanded the custom plugin built for WCNY member login to include the ability for members to lookup their activation code without the assistance of member services.

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WCNY Activation Code Lookup

Using the same PBS member API, I expanded the functionality to validate a user return the user's activation code if applicable, or further instructions if not.

WCNY Activation Code Lookup Error
WCNY Activation Code Lookup Success

If the form returns an activation code it generates an automatic activation link to make it simple for the user to continue on to activation.

If the user's information repeatedly fails to validate, they are locked from accessing the form as the first layer of security against a script attempting to access member information.

WCNY Activation Code Lookup Locked

WCNY MemberSite

WCNY MemberSite

I collaborated with another developer to build a custom WordPress plugin that leverages OAuth for user authentication and a PBS Membership API for user identification to create a login portal for WCNY Members.

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WCNY Login Page

The custom WordPress plugin uses OAuth to allow for social login, as well as single sign-in with PBS apps. Allowing a WCNY Member to login to our website to access a wide variety of PBS content.

The plugin also allows for one-time user account activation which aligns the user's digital account with their WCNY membership. The activation page includes the ability to receive activation codes as parameters, enabling auto activation of members who respond to links withing e-communications.

WCNY Activation Page
Member Login vs MemberSite

Once the user has activated, and logged in, using one of the available options, I incorporated an authenticated check throughout the site. Currently it is being used to direct a user to login, or visit the membersite, but it is built to allow WCNY to expand content for authenticated members across the site in future projects.

The MemberSite itself incorporates video, streaming radio, account information, and a variety of member-exclusive resources.

WCNY MemberSite

Create Account and Login Form

Create Account and Login Form

I collaborated with a Backend Developer to redesign and consolidate Swanson Health Product's account creation and login process. I took what had been a multi-page complicated gateway and consolidated it into a single multi-use page that is both easier to use and simpler to maintain.

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Login Form Optimized for Mobile

In redesigning the login section of the page I focused on making the form as simple to use on mobile as possible. Making the login process simple helped encourage user login.

Form Providing Feedback

Simplifying the account creation process was a key part of this project. Aiding in the simplification process was instant form validation of all data inputs, particularly passwords. Validating passwords as they are entered helps the user create a compliant password, while encouraging them by tracking their progress.


User Experience Designer

Raymour & Flanigan, Liverpool, NY


What I do:

Use my knowledge of UX and technical understanding to design user interfaces that maximize ease of use and accessibility. I have also orchestrated replatforming the website's search functionality to greatly improve both the customer experience and site performance.

What I learned:

That prioritizing standardization and modularity makes it much easier to collaborate as a team in design as well as development.


Startfast Code, Syracuse, NY


What I did:

Mentor students in full stack JavaScript, through pair programming, and discussions on key development topics based on my experiences.

What I learned:

That I really enjoy teaching. It gives me a great chance to look more closely at topics like AJAX, HTTP/HTTPS, accessibility, and many other important parts of being a developer on a regular basis with students. If everyone walks away learning something it is a good class.

Web Designer/Developer

WCNY Public Media, Syracuse, NY


What I did:

I built custom plugins and theme elements that integrated with WordPress, and incorporated third party APIs for social login, dynamic content, custom email receipts, and more.

What I learned:

How to effectively use API integrations to draw from third party functionality to increase efficiency and improve user experience. I also learned that I value the ability to dive deeply into a specific technology and leverage my knowledge for the benefit of a company.

Lead Front-End Web Developer/Designer

Swanson Health Products, Fargo, ND


What I did:

Troubleshoot and solve urgent bugs, while advocating for up-to-date code standards and improving user experience for customers.

What I learned:

That building modular reusable code and effective documentation increases productivity and efficiency for a whole team.

Front-End Web Developer/Designer

Swanson Health Products, Fargo, ND


What I did:

Built out entirely new custom templates and components in Magnola CMS to match the content heavy pages with the rest of the eCommerce site, while keeping in mind the user experience of both the content creators and customers.

What I learned:

In addition to JSP, FTL, and elementary Java as part of working on a Java-based stack, I learned to combine the strengths of server and client side code to create interfaces that fit into the existing framework of the CMS while providing the functionality needed by our users.

Independent Web Designer and Developer

Fargo, ND


What I did:

Build interactive and responsive websites using semantic HTML5 and CSS, often incorporating PHP templates to create custom WordPress themes and plugins.

What I learned:

That good design fixes real problems, and takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of technology to do so.
Also, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. I've taken myself from 0 to 60 in terms of coding since starting out on my own.

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker

Georgia to Maine


What I did:

I walked 2,186 miles in the Appalachian Mountains from Georgia to Maine, and collaborated with my hiking partner to complete the entire trek within our goal of five months.

What I learned:

That accomplishing big things is about tackling the smaller challenges that each day brings, and that a positive attitude is worth its weight in gold.

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