New Icon Series!

I’ve started another series of icons that I will be posting over the next couple of weeks. I have been rather bad about keeping up with this blog recently, but I’m hoping this next series will help. This series is also a set of animal icons, but these ones are based on Origami animals, aka folded paper animals. I’ve been looking at the work of many different and sometimes unnamed artists (thanks Google) for this series and I’m excited to start posting my icons.

I’m sticking to black and white for these icons as well because I enjoy the challenge of simplifying the forms into two color illustrations. Also, as icons these vector images needed to work at both large and small sizes. That is a little bit trickier with the folded paper figures because I’m further stylizing something that is already a stylization of an animal form.

I decided to start off with the classic origami animal: the paper crane. I’m not sure how many of these I’ve made over the years, but it is a lot. I remember reading as a small child about a daughter who made one thousand paper cranes for her mother, who was ill. That sounded amazing so I started making cranes and got to about three before I realized I had nowhere near enough patience, or paper, to make that many cranes.

I still enjoy folding paper paper cranes and teaching others how to do so. They have such fun angles.

Paper Crane Icon