Leaping for the finish Line!

Today is my last day for the icon challenge and I finally made it. I wasn’t so sure that would be the case, but here I am! I decided to go out with some flare and took on a tiger icon today. I thought all those stripes were going to drive me crazy, but they weren’t so terrible in the end. I’m pleased with the end product.

Tiger Icon

The process on making a tiger icon was a little more complicated than some because of all of those stripes. Figuring out the balance between black for shadow and black for stripe was tricky. This icon was unusual with how fully modeled the “negative”, or white shape was, so I decided to give you a small peak into my process by publishing the negative shape as well. I think it makes a pretty compelling image in its own right.

Tiger negative on blue 

Now I’m off to think up my next challenge to test and grow my skills…